Lord Rennard sex scandal: Clegg faces criticism over lack of action

Lord Rennard and Nick Clegg

Lord Rennard and Nick Clegg

Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg faces a huge criticism over failure to do enough regarding the alleged inappropriate behaviour of ex-Lib Dem chief executive, Lord Rennard while having been informed about the rumors against the peer.

Mr. Clegg has refused any covering-up of the alleged peer and has insisted he “got nothing to hide” over the way he dealt with concerns raised over Lord Rennard’s sex scandal. He has also admitted of being informed about the allegation of sexual harassment claims over Mr. Rennard five years ago when the peer received a warning that any such behaviour was “wholly unacceptable”. The ordered investigation at that time by Deputy PM could also not be carried successfully as the women involved remain resistant to make a “formal complaint” in an effort to avoid being connected to any scandal.

Mr. Clegg has stated regarding the probe: After several years, a couple of investigations has been orderd – “one into Lord Rennard’s conduct – and remember he strenuously denies the allegations – and secondly into the general way the party handles these things, and I’ve confirmed last night that the investigation will be chaired by someone who is independent.”

Lord Rennard denies all the allegations but subsequently resigned as chief executive of Liberal Democrat party due to having health issues.

However a former Lib Dem activist, Alison Smith has told fully opposite story on registering a formal complaint against the alleged. Ms. Smith had reported that Lord Rennard had acted inappropriately after inviting her and her friend back to his house, to the party’s chief whip at the time, Paul Burstow, and spokesperson for women and equality, Jo Swinson.

Ms. Smith has told: “It very quickly became quite Kafkaesque. They were saying, ‘No one wants to make a formal complaint’, and I was saying, ‘I’ll make a formal complaint,’ and they were saying, ‘That’s a shame because no one wants to make a formal complaint’.”

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