Reality TV Star Peter Gillis Headed to Court for Alleged Assault on Ex-Girlfriend

Peter Gillis

This article was last updated on May 31, 2023

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Gillis accused of biting ex-girlfriend Nicol Kremers’ nose and back among other things

Reality TV star Peter Gillis is scheduled to appear in court on August 30th over allegations of assault on his former girlfriend, Nicol Kremers. According to reports, Gillis is suspected of biting Kremers’ nose and back among other physical acts of violence against her.

The Alleged Assault

The alleged assault took place in May 2021, in which Gillis allegedly assaulted Kremers by biting her in the back and nose. In addition to this, he is also said to have pushed her against the wall, squeezed her breasts, and pulled her ear, arms, and hair.

After the alleged incident, Gillis was arrested by the police and spent a night in jail. Initially, both Gillis and Kremers denied the allegations. However, a month later, they released an official statement stating that something had occurred but expressed regret that it had led to the involvement of law enforcement.

Court Proceedings

Despite the initial denial, Kremers made an incriminating statement after the incident that eventually led to Gillis’ involvement with the authorities. According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the reality star will now have to answer in court on August 30th to face the assault charges filed by his former girlfriend.

New Love Interests

Gillis and Kremers broke up in February, and since then, both have entered new relationships.

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