TV Host Khalid Kasem’s Temporary Hiatus Amid Bribery Allegations

Khalid Kasem

This article was last updated on April 4, 2024

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The Unanticipated Hiatus of Khalid Kasem

Public personality Khalid Kasem is said to be temporarily withdrawing from television. Confirming this news is broadcaster BNNVARA, who recently had a conversation with Kasem. The consensus between both parties is that, in light of the current discourse surrounding Kasem’s conduct, his return to television is not currently appropriate. The issue took centre stage last week after the dean of the Amsterdam Bar Association revealed that there were no indications that Kasem, a former lawyer and current TV host, had attempted or involved himself in any bribery scandals. Despite the investigation results, BNNVARA still deem it not suitable for Kasem to make a prompt return to television.

Discussing Future Collaborations

The broadcasting company expressed that the matter of Kasem’s hiatus only prompts discussions about the future of their collaboration. Kasem will no longer feature in this season’s talk show called Sophie & Jeroen, originally named Khalid & Sophie. Luckily, Jeroen Pauw is set to continue presenting the show alternately with Sophie Hilbrand this season.

The Bribery Scandal Linked to Kasem

Early in January, Kasem voluntarily resigned from his job as a TV presenter due to the accusations of bribery surfaced in an article by AD. It was alleged that in a 2019 conversation with office colleague Peter R. de Vries, Kasem admitted to bribing an official from the Custodial Institutions Service to expedite the release of one of his clients. Kasem, however, denied these allegations. The daily newspaper AD found their accusations on four separate audio recordings. One of these recordings was recently brought to light by GeenStijl.

Court Intervention and Publication Ban

The details surrounding the Kasem scandal led to the implementation of a publication ban. Initially, the court prohibited AD from publishing their piece about Kasem’s alleged bribery. It took an upper-level judge to lift the publication ban, eventually leading to the publication of an article insinuating that Kasem had connections with Ridouan Taghi.

So, What’s Next for Kasem?

Given the cloud of allegations surrounding Kasem, it is yet uncertain when (or indeed if) he will be able to make his return to television. As for now, his temporary departure seems like the best situation for all involved parties.

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