SNP Leader, Sturgeon, Denies Naming Cameron as Favorite for PM

The leader of the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon, has refuted claims alleging that she mentioned during a meeting that she’d rather have David Cameron to remain prime minister rather than his main rival. These comments are important precisely due to the growing possibility that the SNP might be in the position to decide who governs Britain after May’s election and Sturgeon’s rise in publicity since her assured appearance in a major TV debate on Thursday.

According to a report published by the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sturgeon told French ambassador to Britain in February that she would rather see Cameron remain in power over Labour leader Ed Miliband. Furthermore, the report alleged that she did not see Miliband as prime minister material. The unravelling of these alleged comments might give the Labour party a political advantage, whose vote in Scotland has slumped in the wake of an SNP onslaught, as they’ll argue that voting SNP could lead to another Conservative-led government.

The Telegraph cites their story to be based on a leaked memo written last month by a British civil servant who had spoken to the French Consul-General to get his account of the meeting between Sturgeon and the ambassador. However, Sturgeon asserts that “I’m saying these comments weren’t made. The French Ambassador who I was talking to said these comments weren’t made.” She added that “the French Consul-General who is reported to have said I said these things said he didn’t say that, then the question of whether of not I said this should actually be put to one side.”

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