The Royal Couple Complaints about Disturbing Paparazzi around Their Children

In a furious letter authored by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the couple has complained about the paparazzi using children to lure Prince George into view as they resort to immensely desperate measures to capture lucrative images of the young royal. The couple mentioned that a line has clearly been crossed as it called several incidents very “dangerous” and “distressing.”

The letter claims that paparazzi were found hiding on private fields and woodland at the family’s Norfolk home, where they sometime tried to camouflage in the sand dunes to take photographs of Prince George playing with his grandmother, Carole Middleton, and monitoring the movements of the toddler, his nanny and other household staff around London parks.

The royal couple addressed the letter to 24 worldwide media industry watchdog bodies and underlined that it is clear that Prince George has become the “number one target” in the Royal Family for unscrupulous freelance photographers who sell their images abroad. According to the letter, the couple says “it is of course upsetting that such tactics – reminiscent as they are of past surveillance by groups intent on doing more than capturing images – are being deployed to profit from the image of a two-year-old boy.” It was mentioned that “in a heightened security environment such tactics are a risk to all involved,” adding that “the worry is that it will not always be possible to quickly distinguish between someone taking photos and someone intending to do more immediate harm.”

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