David Miliband Also Speaks Against Electing Jeremy Corbyn

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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In his first comments on the upcoming Labour leadership vote, David Miliband has warned voters against electing Jeremy Corbyn as he feared it might lead to one-party rule under the Conservatives. According to the former Labour foreign secretary, his party risked creating a multi-party democracy in which only one party could win majorities in Parliament if it chose the hard-left candidate as he believed Corbyn would lose even more votes to the Tories and divide the Labour party.

Mr. Miliband explained that the party should reject “angry defiance” advocated by Mr Corbyn and rather choose the “fresh thinking and political courage of Liz Kendall.” Prior to Mr. Miliband, other prominent figures like Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Jack Straw and Neil Kinnock have also expressed open support for their favorite candidate. In his statement against Corbyn, David Miliband mentioned that “given the collapse of the Lib Dems, the stakes now are very high indeed, not just for Labour but for the country. Get it wrong, and Britain could become a multiparty democracy with only one party – the Conservative party – that can win parliamentary majorities. A one-governing-party state.”

Explaining his remarks, Mr. Miliband elucidated that “the alternative to Syriza/Corbyn is based on passionate reform, not angry defiance.,” adding that “clear-eyed about the dangers of inequality, the corrosion of the public realm, the weakness of international political cooperation relative to economic forces, the necessity of domestic institutional change, it does not seek to fight the next election as a party of angry protest but instead as one of reforming government.”

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