Police search canal for murder weapon in murder of Leyla Djemal-Northcott and Jordan Lee Jackson, London

Trident, who investigate gun crime in the capital, will be using the police’s specialist diving team to search Regents Canal, as they have received new intelligence and believe a murder weapon may have been thrown into the canal.

Jordan Lee Jackson, aged 20 and Leyla Djemal-Northcott, aged 21 were both murdered in a flat in Menlo Gardens, SE19 on 7 March 2006. Masked men had entered the flat at approximately 06:40hrs that morning, before firing at least six shots, killing Jordan and Leyla and injuring Jordan’s brother.

The men ran away from the scene and although some arrests were made at the time, detectives are still to solve the murder.

Police believe that Leyla was an innocent bystander and was murdered, whilst she lay in bed, purely because she was in the flat with Jordan. Jordan and his brother may have been targeted by the men. Kieran Jackson was shot but has recovered from his injuries. Police believe he was lucky to live through the ordeal.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Hutchison, Trident said: "Today our dive search team will be trying to find the weapon as we have received new information that it may have been discarded in this area. This weapon could be the key to solving these murders.

"I believe these murders were pre-meditated executions. The two suspects forced their way into the flat early in the morning before shooting the victims at close range. The victims had no chance to run or defend themselves. This happened nearly five years ago but I am hopeful that someone may come forward with information in relation to these murders – allegiances may have changed in the last five years and any information could help us to finally bring those responsible to justice.

"If anyone out there is reluctant to tell us what they know because they are frightened then I want to assure them that they will be protected. They can be provided with anonymity in a court case. Trident has extensive experience in witness protection and anonymity and has used it successfully on many occasions."

Claudia Webbe, Chair of the Trident Independent Advisory Group, said: "I appeal to mothers, girlfriends, sisters in the community who must understand the grief Leyla and Jordan’s family are suffering. Do you have information that could help a mother finally find closure? I would urge them to contact the police and help us ensure that these violent criminals do not cause more pain in our community."

The MPS is offering a reward of up to £20,000 for information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the murders of Jordan and Leyla and the attempted murder of Kieran Jackson.

Leyla’s mother, Christine Djemal, said: "Leyla has not had the opportunity to finish college, get married, have children. She is deeply missed by her family who still find it hard to come to terms with her sudden and violent death."

Jordan’s mother said: "Jordan is sorely missed. Due to his untimely death he has missed the birth of his twin brother’s son, a nephew he will never see, who is now four years old. He never got to see his baby sister’s first day at school.

"He was a caring, considerate and loving son, brother and uncle and a joy to be around. He is missed dearly and his murder has destroyed our family. We appeal to anyone who has any information to come forward."

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