‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ Campaign Leader Admits Worker Wages Will Increase after Brexit

The leader of ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ campaign and former head of Marks & Spencer, Lord Rose, admitted during an appearance before the Treasury select committee on Wednesday that wages will rise if Britain votes to leave the European Union and the number of EU migrants coming to the UK falls.

The head of the “in” campaign confessed that if a British exit leads to restrictions on EU migrants, then “the price of labour will, frankly, go up.” Rose pointed out that “cost” of Britain remaining in the EU will be continued “one-way traffic” of EU migrants for up to a decade. However, Eurosceptic campaigners are claiming that his comments have actually helped the case for “Brexit” since a Conservative member of the committee who is campaigning for an “out” vote, Steve Baker, stated that “there was an absolute admission that a vote to remain is a vote to continue a migration policy which discriminates in favour of EU citizens at the expense of lower paid workers. By giving a straight answer to a straight question, more often than not Lord Rose has helped make the case for the ‘leave’ campaign.”

This controversy has come to light when David Cameron is preparing to meet President François Hollande today in a visit to France where he will press the security case for staying in the EU. According to the Prime Minister, Britain must remain in EU so it can continue to commit to the “relentless” battle against terrorists.

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