MPs Complain ‘Swathes’ of Britain Not Accommodating Asylum Seekers

Several MPs have urged ministers to call on more MPs to house asylum seekers as Britain faces unprecedented demand for more accommodation. It has been pointed out that the system to allocate housing is “unfair” with the majority being moved into urban zones while “whole swathes” of the country receive none.

According to the report issued by the Commons Home Affairs Committee, contractors have reported difficulties in finding enough accommodation. It was pointed out that “local authorities who have very few, and in many instances no, asylum seekers should be actively encouraged by Ministers to volunteer in the existing scheme.” In his remarks, Committee Chairman Keith Vaz explained that “the dispersal system appears unfair, with whole swathes of the country never receiving a single asylum seeker.” He revealed that a vast majority of asylum seekers are being moved into low-cost housing in urban areas such as Glasgow, Stoke, Cardiff and of course Middlesbrough, where the ratio is already 1 asylum per 137 people. He stated that “however, on the data we have received, local authorities in areas such as Maidenhead, Lincoln and Warwick have housed none.” Mr Vaz pointed out that Britain may need to house as many as 50,000 asylum seekers by 2017.

Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire, mentioned last month that a committee is looking to expand the number of local authorities designated as dispersal areas. The committee’s wide-ranging report also said it was “clearly wrong” that accommodation for asylum seekers in Middlesbrough had doors that were painted a “predominant colour”.

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