Johnson Takes Lead in the Poll for Most Favourite Next Conservative Leader

Latest polls of Conservative supporters have pushed Boris Johnson into a double digit lead in competition to become the next party leader. According to the poll results, London Mayor new has over 33 per cent of support in the Conservative Home poll, i.e. an increment of 14 points in the last month.

Whereas on the other hand, the Justice Secretary, Michael Gove, also saw a rise in his support by 12 points to reach 20 per cent, bringing him in the second place and Dr Liam Fox is a little behind by 18 per cent after a decrease of down three points. Analysts are highlighting that the trend is pretty clear, all three Eurosceptic candidates are in the top positions ahead of the EU referendum. Meanwhile, support for George Osborne declined by four points, who is now at just 11 per cent, and the Home Secretary, Theresa May, also saw her support halved from 21 per cent to just 10 per cent.

In his remarks, Conservative Home editor, Paul Goodman, stated that “the pattern is unmistakable”. He pointed out that “essentially, it looks as though Boris, Gove and Fox are sharing between them the backing of the 70 per cent or so of Party members who, according to our last survey, will either vote Leave or say that they are likely to do so.” It was explained that “the rest seem to be taking the remaining 30 per cent or so. May and Javid, who were both previously believed by some to be possible or even likely supporters of Brexit, are paying a particularly heavy penalty.”

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