Blair urges more passion in Pro-EU Campaign

Former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has stressed on more “muscularity” from the political centre to fight for Britain’s membership of the EU while admitting that he’s not too sure if he should help in the campaign himself. During an interview, Mr Blair pointed out that “I would like to see the pro-European side to get out there with a bit of passion and vigour and determination, and stand up for what we believe … not just as a matter of economic realism but as a matter of political idealism.”

However, Blair announced that he has decided not to lead the fight because “I don’t know if it’s the right time for me on the campaign trail, since that carries negatives as well as positives, but it’s certainly time to argue this case for Europe with some passion.” Blair challenged the idea that backing Britain’s membership of the EU was the choice of the political elite, he revealed that “at some point the political class as whole has got to get up and stand up for itself, and the centre ground in particular has got to get some more muscularity in its position.”

Blair elucidated that “there are plenty of elites on the anti-European side. The powerful people in the newspapers and major politicians who are fighting this are no less elitist than the politicians on the other side,” adding that “framing this argument in the way these guys do as ‘the elites are all for Europe and the people are all against it’? Come on. You guys are just as elitist as anyone else.”

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