Osborne Vows a Budget Offering ‘Long Term Solutions to Long Term Problems’

Chancellor George Osborne has promised today to offer ‘long term solutions to long term problems’ of Britain while discussing the Budget to be presented tomorrow. According to the Chancellor, he is planning to include support for the High Speed 3 railway linking Manchester and Leeds, and Crossrail 2, i.e. a new north-south link across London.

Addressing the media from a construction site for the first Crossrail project, Mr Osborne explained that the railway was a clear example of delivery on long term projects from the Government. He elucidated that “five years ago as part of our long term economic plan we gave the go-ahead to Crossrail and here it is, nearing completion.” Osborne alleged that “in the Budget tomorrow I’m going to give the greenlight to Crossrail 2 in London and the new High Speed 3 link across the north of England.” Moreover, he pointed out that “in the Budget, we are not going to go for short term fixes in this uncertain world, we are going top have long term solutions to Britain’s long term problems and the Budget is going to make sure Britain is fit for the future.”

Mr Osborne stated that “I think an absolutely crucial part of improving the economy of our country is making sure we invest in our northern powerhouse and improving transport links across the north of England will be a huge boost to the economy of the north of England and the whole of the United Kingdom,” adding that “whether is building here in the capital of our country or in the north of England, you’re going to see a commitment to plan for the long term and make sure Britain is fit for the future.”

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