Wales Moves to Ban E-cigarettes in Public Places

The Walsh Assembly will soon be debating on a Public Health Bill that could see e-cigarettes banned in public places where there are children present. According to the new upcoming laws, there should be stricter regulations placed on tattoo and piercing parlors as well. The Labour-controlled government in Cardiff Bay is hoping to pass the Bill in the Welsh Assembly on Wednesday.

If the bill is passed to become a law, it will be UK’s first to restrict the use of nicotine inhaling devices in certain public places including schools, eateries and public transport. While the ban on nicotine inhaling devices can be put in place by spring 2017, stricter licensing of tattooists and a ban on “intimate piercings,” like tongue piercings, for under-16s is anticipated to be applied by spring 2018.

In his remarks, Health Minister Mark Drakeford has insisted that curbing e-cigarettes would make smoking “less appealing” to youngsters. He explained that “the Bill will help us to respond to a range of public health threats in Wales, including the risk of re-normalising smoking for a generation of children and young people who have grown up in largely smoke-free environments,” adding that “it is the government’s responsibility to create the conditions, which enable people to live healthy lives. This Bill strikes a balance between those actions which will make a big difference to people’s health without intruding unduly on the rights of individuals to run their own lives.”

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