Theresa May Highlights ‘Questionable’ Police Spending

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has highlighted several “questionable and opaque” spending by the Police Federation on items like gifts, clothing and “what appear to be holiday homes”. During the annual conference of the organization in Bournemouth, Mrs May detailed numerous transaction from the federation’s accounts which she said “defy explanation”.

Prior to revelation, Mrs May had confronted the federation earlier and vowed to draw up new measures to reign in spending and ensure large amounts had to be approved at national level. She mentioned that “for the past two years I have called in these accounts for review,” adding that “what they have revealed is spending that has been both questionable and opaque.” Mrs May explained that “branches spending tens of thousands of pounds on presents for retiring federation representatives – gifts that ordinary rank-and-file officers would never expect to receive,” adding that “other items – like £10,000 on an annual ‘plain clothing allowance’ in one branch – which defy explanation. The fact that some branches own what appear to be holiday homes, within an overall property portfolio worth £31 million.”

In addition to that, Mrs May revealed that “members’ subscriptions are not a slush fund for the Fed or pocket money for its officials.” According to the Home Secretary, she could not comment in detail on the arrest of four senior Police Federation representatives over “potentially criminal misuse of Federation funds” earlier this year. But she did stress that “the allegations could not be more serious.”

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