Cameron Insists “I’m No Secret Brexiteer” at G7 Closing Ceremony

Addressing the media at G7 summit in Japan, UK Prime Minister David Cameron completely rejected claims that he is a “closet Brexiteer” and insisted that he is “passionate” about staying in the EU. One of the prominent leaders in the Remain campaign, Cameron, rejected all reports alleging that his “instinct” was to vote Leave and clarified that “I am not a closet anything. I have pretty much had the same view about Europe ever since I got involved in active politics.”

In response to allegations that Mr Cameron backs “Brexit” at heart, former London Mayor Boris Johnson had stated that it was “not too late” for Cameron to join the Leave campaign. Meanwhile Mr Cameron’s closest aides before leaving Downing Street in 2012 who worked alongside him when they were both Tory researchers, Steve Hilton, revealed in an interview on Thursday that “if he was a member of the public, or a backbench MP or a junior minister or even a cabinet minister, I’m certain that he would be for Leave.” Hilton explained that “that’s his whole instinct. That’s who he is. As prime minister he sees it from a different perspective and that’s perfectly reasonable … but I think that if he didn’t have that perspective, he would be for Leave.”

However, Cameron insisted on Thursday that he is a Eurosceptic and that “I have always taken the same view, which is that we are better off in this organisation but we should be aiming to reform this organisation, we should be looking to enhance the special status that Britain.” He asserted that “I have never been a closet Brexiteer. I am absolutely passionate about getting the right result, getting this reform in Europe and remaining part of it. It’s in Britain’s national interest.”

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