John McDonnell Campaigns for ‘Vote In – Another Europe is Possible’ Rally

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, has expressed his complete support for a left-wing remain campaign that is calling for a democratic Europe that is “urgently and vitally” needed. The group includes several prominent figures including former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, Labour MP Clive Lewis and journalist Owen Jones, who have all called for remaining in, but overhauling the current European Union.

Addressing a rally at London’s Institute of Education on Saturday, which that called for Vote In – Another Europe is Possible, Mr McDonnell explained that there is a movement across Europe to respond to the challenge of democratically transforming the EU, and also attacked the Tories for dragging the referendum debate “into the gutter.” He stated that “we have the opportunity to regroup the referendum debate away from Tory Brexit and into a debate on a democratic Europe,” adding that “a Europe that is not just possible but is urgently and vitally needed – where we can say yes, we are proud of being British, but we are also proud of the European future we have created.”

Moreover, McDonnell criticzed the Tories and said the EU referendum debate on the right is “disfiguring political discourse” and causing people to become “tired of the ranting hysteria”. He attacked “(Boris) Johnson’s comparisons of the EU to the Third Reich and (David) Cameron’s claims of impending World War Three, they just beggar belief,” stressing that “we cannot let the right drag this debate into the intellectual gutter.”

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