Coastguards Rescue Teenagers Trapped by Rising Tide near Dover

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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coastguards rescue teenagers trapped by rising tide near doverOfficials have confirmed that thirty-four teenagers and two adults were rescued after becoming stranded on a Kent beach with the tide coming in. According to the coastguard officials, they sent lifeboats, a helicopter and the emergency services after members of the group raised the alarm with Kent Police around 9pm on Monday evening.

UK Coastguard senior maritime operations officer, Richard Cockerill, revealed that the group became lost during a hike along a coastal path near St Margaret’s Bay and Dover and had climbed down from the cliffs to the beach before becoming trapped by rising water. Cockerill explained that “the group was advised to switch on their mobile phone lights to help us locate them.” The officials sent three RNLI lifeboats that could manoeuvre close to the shore and pick up the walkers in small groups. Eventually, the rescuers managed to locate all 36 pupils safely and transported them back to Dover lifeboat station where they were checked by the ambulance service but none needed hospital treatment.

Spokesperson for the Dover lifeboat station, James Salmon, reminded that “this incident highlights how easy it can be to get cut off by the tide whilst out walking,” adding that “the group also faced the dangers of cliff falls along this iconic stretch of coastline.” Salmon stated that “surprisingly, the biggest risk when enjoying our coastline can be activities such as coastal walking and running. It’s easy to get caught out by unexpected tides and waves.” He alleged that “we encourage people to keep themselves safe and treat water with respect by staying away from cliff edges and areas prone to cliff falls, sticking to marked paths and checking local hazards and safety information, such as tide times, before setting out.”

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