Lady Wheatcroft Claims House of Lords Might Delay Brexit

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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lady wheatcroft claims house of lords might delay brexitA Conservative member of the House of Lords, Baroness Wheatcroft, has claimed that there is a possibility that her fellow peers may withhold approval of Article 50, which is necessary to evoke for leaving the European Union. According to Lady Wheatcroft, there is some disagreement over whether Article 50 would need to come before Parliament but in case it does “the Lords might actually delay things.” Earlier, the government had asserted that Article 50 could still be triggered through use of the royal prerogative.

The former editor in chief of the Wall Street Journal Europe and the Sunday Telegraph, Lady Wheatcroft, alleged that she is hopeful that things would be delayed and any potential Brexit legislation would lead to a second referendum. Meanwhile, a legal challenge is underway over whether the government can trigger Article 50 without the authorization of Parliament that will be heard in the High Court in the autumn.

Lady Wheatcroft explained that she does not want the Lords to stand in the way of the UK leaving the EU at the moment, “however, if it comes to a bill, I think the Lords might actually delay things. I think there’s a majority in the Lords for remaining.” Upon inquiry if she supports delaying Article 50, she replied that “yes I would. And I would hope, while we delayed things, that there would be sufficient movement in the EU to justify putting it to the electorate, either through a general election or a second referendum.” However, Prime Minister Theresa May has reiterated several times that “Brexit means Brexit” and that she would focus on securing the best possible deal for the UK outside the EU.

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  1. Dear Lady Wheatcroft I heartily AGREE with your proposal/comment_content_IDea to reconscomment_IDer this momentous decision on Leaviing The EU .Most people I know of all ages and addresses are also of the opinion that the leave campaign misled the prople …especially in the popular press .
    Please keep on with your efforts and we wish you all the best …not many are brave enough to front this and yet a vast majority of the country are with you .

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