Al-Qaeda targets Coptic Christians

On December 21, 2010, the Toronto Star reprinted an article from the Canadian Press written by Marten Youssef about a website Shumukh-al-Islam qualified as Al Qaeda’s mouthpiece. He states that the website is listing names, pictures, cell phone numbers and other information relating to Coptics throughout the world who are supposedly defaming Islam. He says that more than 100 Canadian-Arab Christians are listed on the site.
CNN is reporting today, January 4 that Coptic churches in Europe are asking for protection as the names 16 of them have appeared on this Al Qaeda website. With the Coptic Christmas coming up on January 7th, they feel after the bombing on New Year’s Eve in Alexandria, Egypt, they are under greater risk.
Publish a list of people you hate while dressing it up as being the will of God or for the greater good or morally necessary then sit back and wait for some results. You don’t actually have to do anything yourself as you have delegated your actions to others. Now those others are unknown; you have no idea who they may be but you know that somewhere out there, those people exist and will eventually see your message and act on it.
Al Qaeda is now so decentralised, it is no longer an organisation per se, it is an idea, an ideology, a movement whose reach spans the globe. It has been years since Denmark saw its greatest upset on the world stage when one of its newspapers published editorial cartoons of Mohammed and all hell broke loose but still, there are those individuals spurned on by ideas of doing something for the greater good (see December 29 Five suspects arrested in Danish cartoon terror plot).
This technique is being put to good use in the United States (see my blog Anti-Abortionists: Murder By Proxy) where one individual in particular, Neal Horsley, maintains a web site listing all the particulars on various doctors who perform abortions including the name, full address, contact numbers, office addresses, car licence plate numbers and schedules of their daily activities. He apparently strikes out names as the doctor in question is removed from active service, that is, killed. Free speech indeed.
You don’t need to kill anybody yourself. Just publish the name, make sure you include the moral justification then sit back and wait for an extremist who is looking to devote himself to cause greater than his own life and who will sacrifice himself like a kamikaze doing your will.

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  1. William Belle who wrote this article will no doubt be delighted to see that I have been treated exactly like bin Laden.

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