Moldaver and Karakatsanis welcomed to the Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada embraced the two newest justices on Monday. In October, PM Harper picked Michael Moldaver and Andromache Karakatsanis for the apex court.

63-year-old Moldaver seemed joyous yet emotional as he recalled the sacrifices of his parents, neither of whom gained from the higher education they provided for their children.

Moldaver shared stories from his past. He said when he and his two brothers “started to get letters behind our names” such as BA or PhD, his father started to add his own, such as MD or JD. “MD, of course, standing for metal dealer and JD for junk dealer,” Moldaver deadpanned.

“To that list, if he were here today, I would add the letters MW — man of wisdom. For he was a man of wisdom, university educated or not. He was blessed with common sense and good judgment and an understanding of the human condition.”

Ever since Harper announced Moldaver’s name, NDP has been condemning the decision since he is not bilingual. In order to suppress the criticism, Moldaver said he will study French.

56-year-old Karakatsanis’s parents emigrated from Greece after the Second World War to start a new life. She said: “They came without family, without language, without fortune. But they came with courage and hope.”

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