Midnight deadline looms for Occupy Toronto Live feed from Toronto’s St. James Park

I arrived at St. James Park at one in the afternoon, right at the foot of King and Jarvis. Some media vans dotted the sides of it. Tents filled the park, but supporters gathered at a gazebo to hear a message from a spokesperson. Whenever the spokesperson spoke, the crowd would repeat the message, much like a cult, yet all in hopes of communicating their message effectively. When I spoke to some media personalities, they said the protesters were order to leave now, right now. “I am telling them to leave now,” recalled a cameraman. “That is what the mayor said at the second floor at Toronto City Hall.

No matter whatever question they (the media) asked him, his response would never change,” added the cameraman before he took off to some movement up ahead. A woman who only wished to identify herself as a lady in the park offered some insight. “Good to see people are rising up and speaking out,” she said. “They need a few points to focus on—so solutions can be achieved. I also think their tents will be removed and destroyed. They should put their property in safekeeping. There should be more support for drug addicts, homeless, and the vulnerable,” she added, before she strolled away. Along the path inside the park were signs were positioned, offering complaints to politicians to do with unemployment, high rents, and other issues. Some supporters distributed leaflets.

Paul Collins, author of Mack Dunstan’s Inferno / Mystery of Everyman’s Way

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