How the Central Intelligence Agency Hides Its Tracks – Marble

WikiLeaks most recent release, Vault 7 Marble, provides us with a fascinating but not terribly unexpected look at how the Central Intelligence Agency uses “Marble” to throw investigators off its trail by hiding text fragments in other languages in its source code.

Here’s the press release from WikiLeaks:

Note that the CIA has the capability to hide/obfuscate itself by using other languages, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Farsi (the language spoken in Iran). By doing this, the CIA is able to cover its own tracks and make it appear as though other nations (particularly those that are deemed hostile to the United States) are actively using the malware that has actually been developed and installed by the CIA.  

Here is a screen capture explaining the Marble Framework terminology and how the system works:

Here is a screen capture from the document which provides instructions on how to add foreign languages to disguise the origin of the CIA’s malware with the highlighted section showing the Russia translation of Warble:

The Marble Framework does not contain any vulnerabilities that can be installed on devices, rather, it is simple a CIA product that is used for obfuscation. If you are interested, you can access the Marble Framework Source Code here.

With the CIA able to mask its presence and use other languages to throw investigators off its trail, one has to wonder how much of the current anti-Russian sentiment in Washington has been created by the very organization that was designed that “discovered” the links between Russia and the 2016 U.S. election.  Apparently, the truth is not always what it may seem to be, particularly in the hallowed halls of political Washington.

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