Consular officials are not family therapists, professional shoppers or concierges of posh hotels

Consular officials make an attempt to educate travelers by telling them that they’re always available for Canadians who might face problems abroad; however, that does not make them family therapists, professional shoppers, commandos or concierges of posh hotels.

Consular officials released statements this week, gently mocking a couple who thought Canada is going to send a chopper to bust their son out of a German jail after he was taken into custody for drug trafficking.

The statement read: “They were very surprised to learn this wasn’t a service provided.”

In another case, a Canadian man was expelled from his residence following a wrangle with his girlfriend. The man called up consular officials and requested them to speak to her and convinced her into taking him back.

Several other requests involved last-minute dog sitting, scoring tickets to the Oprah Winfrey Show and lining up for cheap tickets for a London play.

Diane Ablonczy, minister of state of foreign affairs, said: “[they cannot] ask your mother-in-law to leave your house; purchase tickets for a musical or entertainment event; settle disputes between you and your partner; (or) pick up your dog at the airport.”

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