5 Grenada officers, alleged killers of a Canadian, awarded bail

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Grenada police officers who allegedly tortured a Canadian to death and then were charged with manslaughter were granted bail Friday.

According to Derick Sylvester, deceased Bartholomew’s family lawyer, all five officers were granted $38,000 Cdn bail each — $100,000 in Eastern Caribbean Dollars, Grenada’s currency.

The alleged killers – Const. Edward Gibson, Shaun Ganness, Ruddy Felix, Kenton Hazzard and Wendell Sylvester – appeared at St. David Magistrate court for the beginning of a preliminary inquiry. They were kept in police custody since their arrest last week. In case the officers are proved guilty, they might have to pay a heavy fine and bear maximum of 15 years in prison.

The Grenada government has repeatedly highlighted that their land is an exceptionally safe place. Tourism Minister Peter David wrote on his website: “This is a tragedy on all counts, especially for the Bartholomew family.”

“Like all Grenadians, including all my colleagues in government, we would have preferred this not to have happened to anyone, particularly to a national who was visiting with his wife. But from the perspective of visitor safety, and in comparison to other tourist-dependent nations of the world, Grenada still is — and will continue to be — an extremely safe destination for travellers from around the world.”

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