Air Canada’s ground staff in Montreal and Toronto goes on strike

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Air Canada clashes create another problem for passengers Friday morning when the company’s ground staff in Toronto and Montreal went on strike. The chaos came as a reaction of suspending three workers who allegedly clapped mockingly at Minister of Labour Lisa Raitt while she was walking through the airport.

According to Air Canada’s website, roughly 60 flights taking off from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport had to be cancelled and 16 were delayed as of 9 a.m. At Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 30 departing flights were either cancelled or delayed.

“When I was a kid, they’d give you little plastic airplanes and lifesavers and all kinds of goodies just for the excitement of flying. Now it’s just a very sad business, and frustrating for everyone,” said Robert Tudor, Air Canada retiree.

Apparently, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt was walking through Toronto’s Pearson International Airport Thursday when the airline staff mockingly clapped at her.

Air Canada’s spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick said Friday morning: “We want to resolve this as quickly as possible and we are using every legal means that we have. Our aim is obviously we want to get the airline back up and running and get our customers to their destination as quickly as we can.”

He said the airline is cooperating with its customers and has introduced a rebooking policy that would allow people whose flights have been cancelled to rebook free of cost. He said a number of employees are already on it.

However, Fitzpatrick alleged he was not aware of any suspensions or the incident with Labour Minister Raitt.

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