Taxpayers to Organize Rally for Defunding Abortion Funding

The taxpayers of Ontario have disclosed that they will be rallying in a huge number concurrently at the constituency offices of MPPs from different parts of the province asking for the abortion to be defunded from Ontario’s Health Insurance plan on Saturday October 13, from 11 a.m. to noon. Such aggressive initiative is an extraordinary step, as several political analysts claim that federal MP Stephen Woodworth’s human life motion, despite not getting majority vote, is still successful in inspiring a debate on the definition of human life.

The Youth Coordinator for Campaign Life Coalition and organizer of the defund abortion campaign, Alissa Golo, stated to the press that “on October 13, Taxpayers will send a message to their elected representative that they do not want to be forced to pay for someone else’s elective abortion.” Further he it was declared that “abortions are not medically necessary and our tax dollars should not subsidize life-style choices while genuine areas of health care such as doctor and nurse shortages, elder care, and treatment for autistic children, is neglected.”

The Campaign Life Coalition Youth, Matthew Wojciechowski, pointed out that “The Canada Health Act only requires provinces to insure procedures that are medically necessary and abortion is not one of them since pregnancy is not a disease, sickness or illness.” He added that “MPPs have the power to delist abortion from services covered by OHIP.  Premier McGuinty proved this is possible when in 2004, he delisted chiropractic services after more than 30 years of public funding. Optometry examinations got axed at the same time.”

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