Air Canada Flight Helps Locate Stranded Yacht

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The passengers and crew riding an Air Canada flight is being endorsed for their help to locate a yacht which went astray from the coast of Australia. Air Canada flight 033 left from Vancouver and another Air New Zealand jet, boarded from Auckland, and were scheduled to reach Sydney. They were both instructed to midway to redirect their pathways to help The Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority was in pursuit to identify an emergency signal fire set in motion on 8:15 a.m. local time on Tuesday morning. The authority required confirmation on the GPS location. The crew and passengers flying on the Air Canada flight identified the location, i.e. 275 nautical miles east of Sydney, from an altitude of roughly 6,000 feet. Later the coordinates were crosschecked by the Air New Zealand flight which flew over the location also.

The official statement of The Australian Maritime Safety Authority stated that “AMSA thanks the captains and crews of the Air Canada and Air New Zealand aircraft for their assistance in the search and rescue operation, and their passengers for their patience.” After completing the task to affirmatively confirming the location, both the Air Canada Boeing 777 and Air New Zealand A320 resumed their path towards Sydney.

Soon a search and rescue aircraft was launched and reached the location, where it airlifted the solo yachtsman. He revealed that his vessel was de-masted due to fuel shortage.

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