New Presto Cards Replace GO Transit Monthly Pass

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The old GO Transit monthly passes are soon now going to become a fraction of the past. From 1st Jan, 2013 all the riders will have to let go the habit of standing up in queues for paying the individual fares. They are now entitled to obtain and use Presto cards. These cards will attain electronic fare for reloading money from any GO stations, online, by phone, or through pre-approved credit card deductions.

They will be accessible all across the GO network of buses, trains, and 14 additional Toronto Transit Commission subway stations as well. Riders will use this newly released card by tapping them ‘on’ a payment device before beginning their rides on a train or bus, and after they have reached their destination, they will set off by tapping the card again. The regular travelers moving along the same two stops for several times can also set up a default trip.

In the occasion of losing their Presto cards the riders are advised to quickly report online. In case the new Presto card is stolen or misplaced, GO cards will still be usable in its place. The Presto card, just like the current monthly passes, will be tax deductible in compliance with the public transit tax credit. GO Transit has stated that the riders selecting the new Presto card will be offered a loyalty discount of a unique 7.5 per cent off the single adult fare. According to GO, approximately 350,000 Presto cards are currently in use.

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