Senate Adopts Safe Food for Canadians Act

The senate has accepted a new ‘The Safe Food for Canadians Act, S-11,’ making a huge victory today in regulating quality food products. According to the Agriculture Minister, Gerry Ritz, and Senator, Donald Plett, the Safe Food for Canadians Act will empower the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to an extreme limit where it can use exceptional tools and resources for keeping Canadian food safe.

Gerry Ritz, Canada’s Agriculture Minister, stated that “Canadian consumers have always been our Government’s top priority when it comes to food safety.” He mentioned that “this legislation demonstrates the Harper Government’s commitment to strengthening Canada’s food safety system and we hope this legislation is passed expeditiously by Members of Parliament.”

This bill was presented in the Senate last spring with hopes of enhancing the capabilities of Canadian Food Inspection Agency. It will help provide measures to assist in locating any products which are recalled in much smaller time than before and they will be emptied from the shelves quicker and in a more comprehensive way. This is in addition to the power of the Office of the Auditor General to review these resources at any time.

Senator Plett claimed that “the safety of our food supply is vitally important to our economy, communities and all Canadian families,” and “the adoption of the Safe Food for Canadians Act by the Senate is one more step forward by the Harper Government in modernizing and strengthening Canada’s food safety system.”

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