XL Foods Asked to Destroy All Recalled E.coli Meat

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has announced the plans of Alberta Company to be destroying all of the recalled beef amidst the massive E. coli threat. A CFIA spokeswoman, Lisa Gauthier, made the announcement on Friday evening, stating that “all of the meat that was involved in the recall and has been returned to XL Foods — that product will be destroyed.”

The Canada’s largest recall was initiated last month and has so far gathered more than 1,800 products from not only Canada, but also the U.S. and Japan. The agency further disclosed that another 5.5 million kilograms of meat is stored at the Brooks plant and warehouses that at the moment, which is not a part of the recalled meat and it might be rendered or cooked at a high temperature to kill any E. coli. Gauthier mentioned that “If the company chooses to use the high-temperature treatment, the CFIA will oversee the effectiveness of this process and as an extra precautionary measure will test afterwards that the product is safe.”

This Friday the agency disclosed that the meat packer will probably be allowed to forward some of the recalled beef to market if they carefully cook it at a high enough temperature to kill off any possible threat of E. coli. The Executive Director of CFIA, Harpreet Kochhar, mentioned during a teleconference that “It could go to rendering. It could go to landfills or it could go to cooking,” “But no meat enters the food supply unless we have actually tested it and we make sure that it is safe.”

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