A Grey Cup Horse Makes Failed but Luscious Attempt to Enter the Royal York

A celebrated horse, Marty, attempted to enter The Royal York to relive a Calgary Grey Cup tradition, attracting paparazzi for a red carpet entrance on Thursday, but unfortunately it was barred from entering the Front Street hotel.

All the press, media and fans crowded the entrance of the hotel at the time of Marty’s arrival as a member of Calgary’s Grey Cup committee rode the beautiful traditional dark brown horse steering it right up to the rotating glass doors and demanded entry. Dressed in a red-and-black jacket of Stampeders and a white cowboy hat, Clad, announced in a loud voice that “this is Calgary tradition. [We want] to start the party… It will be good luck, as far as we’re concerned.” However, the events somewhat folded in a manner that might be considered a good news for the Argos.

The committee was auspicious to recreate a scene from the 1948 Grey Cup, when another team horse successfully entered the Royal York, but this time the hotel staff was very persistent to not allow such a scene again due to numerous health and safety concerns. Even than the crowd held their feet to the ground and helped Clad to stand outside the hotel for some time, chanting “let us in.” But soon after some time the crowd eventually dispersed. Marty the horse appeared undeterred, though one Stampeders cheerleader, clad in red and carrying pom-poms, admitted she was “a little sad he didn’t make it in.”


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