Statistics Canada Records 7 Percent Increase in Homicides

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Statistics Canada made an announcement on Tuesday declaring the results of their latest findings, asserting that newly released figures disclose that number of police-reported homicides in Canada have increased considerably from last year. The report states that this is the first increase in three years, declaring an increase of 598 reports than last year, i.e. an increase of seven per cent.

Just last year, Canada celebrated its lowest homicide rate since 1966, though now that level is rising steeply at the rate of 1.73 deaths for every population of 100,000. The statistics report states that majority of the increase is seen in Alberta, which accounted for more than 32 killings in increment than 2011, while Quebec detailed in 21 additional homicides than last year. Apart from these increments, Manitoba was once again had the highest rate of increment, forming the nation’s highest homicide rate for the fifth year in a row. The capital of the province, Winnipeg, has also suffered from similar troubles. Winnipeg had the highest ever homicide rate in comparison to the rest of metropolitan areas in 2011.

This shocking increment could be attributed to the city’s newest police chief, Devon Clunis, who officially took charge of duty this year. Clunis was highly criticized by press for suggesting that only prayer can help reduce crime rate in Winnipeg, which he later explained that he was only advocating for mandatory prayer. For a change, Ontario saw 28 fewer police-reported homicides than 2011, which helped sinking the province’s homicide rate to its lowest point in 45 years.

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