Quebec Announces to Make Its Own Gun Registry

The Quebec government has moved forward a motion in a National Assembly with unanimous support to pursue its plan of creating the province’s own gun registry. This announcement was made public on the anniversary of a dreadful 1989 mass shooting which took place in University of Montreal’s École Polytechnique, where the gunman took the lives of 14 innocent women before shooting himself.

The remorseful massacre spurred a general public opinion in Quebec to pressure the former federal Liberal government to form a federal gun registry, which later was later annulled, by the Conservatives’ government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, while adopting Bill C-19 last April. Soon after, the Quebec government took the matter to the provincial court referring to a key provision in the federal law asking for the data of gun registry not to be destroyed. Moreover, the Quebec government alleged that since it has helped forming the registry, it is at least entitled to the information involving Quebec gun owners so it shall be handed over to the province.

The Public Security Minister of Quebec, Stéphane Bergeron, promised to the province that the effort of all families of the victims of the Montreal massacre will not be wasted by letting the gun registry be destroyed. He seemed pretty confidence about winning the legal fight and alleged that “I am confirming that our government has the firm intention of tabling a bill for an unrestricted gun registry in Quebec.” He also added that “this bill will be the legal foundation on which we will build a Quebec gun registry which will be set up as soon as the Quebec government receives from the federal government the data from the Canadian gun registry.”

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