NHL, NHLPA Failed Negotiations near Chances of Season Cancellation

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The NHL and Players’ Association retreated efforts on Friday to weigh up their stances, before they begin strategizing their plan of action ahead. Both the sides have not consulted on a date to resume bargaining sessions, but it is no secret that they’ll have to make a decision soon as time runs out to save a partial season.

The three days of negotiations directly between the panels of league owners and players ended without a solution. Commissioner Gary Bettman quit the session of negations expressing that lack of trust by NHLPA Executive Director, Donald Fehr, is keeping the deal from being finalized. Bettman alleged on Thursday night that “there’s no reason for anybody to suggest that trust is an issue.” He explained saying “listen, collective bargaining is hard stuff and sometimes it’s made even harder depending on the goals and objectives that people have and organizations have.” “But the fact is you have professionals in the room.”

The lockout has entered its 12th week, with considerable hopes and expectations. Just this Tuesday, news sources narrated that the strategy of bringing owners and players together has helped to bring the situation near to an agreement, indicating that the sides are moving closer together. Then, on Thursday, Fehr allegedly submitted an all-inclusive proposal to the NHL, informing news sources that a deal appear to be imminent. But soon after, he made another announcement alleging that a development has been made but “it’s not a positive one,” winding up yet another hopeful session of negotiations without a solution.

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