More One-Day Strikes Announced by Teachers’ Union

The elementary teachers of the Niagara region in Ottawa have made the announcement of conducting a one-day walkout session in the upcoming week as a part of the Ontario school boards targeted rotating strikes against government actions.

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario confirmed that the District School Board of Niagara is going to observe a walkout session from their jobs on Tuesday. The union alleged that the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board in northwestern Ontario has also scheduled a one-day strike on the same day. Whereas, the already announced one-day strikes of the Avon Maitland and Ontario North East school boards are preplanned to take place on Monday, while the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board claims to demonstrate its teachers’ strike on Wednesday. The union is collaboratively organizing all these strikes in the region to notify their protest against the controversial legislation allowing the government powers of stopping any strikes by school boards and forcefully imposing collective agreements, the union labels these measures to be impeding local bargaining.

The Education Minister of Ottawa, Laurel Broten, made a press conference recently alleging that the government is fully prepared with the help of legal documents to take action against any strikes that is extended more than one day. Union president, Sam Hammond, mentioned in a statement on Saturday that “there are two solutions to the chaos that the minister of education has created.” He explained that “along with repealing Bill 115, the minister needs to step aside and give locals the latitude to have concrete and respectful discussions with all options on the table, in order to reach collective agreements.”

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