Ottawa Victim of an Early Swing of Influenza Virus

The Public Health Department of Ottawa has urged Ottawans to get their flu shots as soon as possible, as the influenza virus hits the capital unexpectedly earlier this year. An associate medical officer at the public health agency, Rosamund Lewis, shared that the department has received at least 40 confirmed reports of cases with infection, five of which were from long-term care facilities.

Lewis explained that “we often don’t have it peak until February or March and sometimes we don’t even have cases until the New Year,” but he added that “now we’re seeing quite a few cases already.” Lewis claimed that if virus succeeds to successfully spread earlier in the community, it will consequently have even more time to spread further. Furthermore, Lewis pointed out that getting the flu shot has become even more crucial after realizing the fact that the current strain is much more severe than usual. It was soon added that “some are just a little more virulent than others. Some cause a little bit more fever and respiratory and flu-like symptoms.” “But the main concern is transmitting it to those who are not protected or who are more vulnerable for whatever reason.”

A virologist at the University of Ottawa, Dr. Earl Brown, identified that “Canada seems to be following on the heels of the United States, whose flu season came even earlier.” Dr. Brown alleged that “now we’re sort of in full swing here, which is earlier by normal years.” He warned that “if Toronto started faster than the rest of us, we’re going to share it out.”

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