Suspects Of Lakes State Inter-Communal Killings Sought To Face Justice

Mabor Achol Kuer was addressing the county commissioners who are reported to have been reluctant to support the special courts.

“Some who are sentenced by special court must to be executed according to law” he said.

Some special courts across eight counties of Lakes State reported that few commissioners did not cooperate to bring suspects to face justice and few cases are brought to the courts.

“Six special courts were formed in all counties of Lakes State to tranquil crime in the communities,” said Kuer.

Lakes state in September had witness inter-clan clashes in Cueibet, Rumbek East County and Rumbek Central County and suspects are sought to face justice.

Early this month, More than 80 people were killed during an attack in the Wunkech area of Warrap State by a group of an elusive group of armed cattle rustlers from Cueibet County in neighbouring Lakes State.

The police, in collaboration with youth groups from the area, had managed to recover some cows but between 300 and 500 cows are estimated to have been stolen from each of the 12 cattle camps.

The raiders also attacked Cueichok Boma setting the area on fire.

The Lakes State government responded to the reports of the raid and assured the public that those responsible will be held accountability and will face justice.

The ring leader of the cattle raiding youth group was arrested and the authorities in Lakes State say the raid was carried out by a group of criminals and, therefore, it cannot be regarded as an attack by the Cueibet County community on Tonj South County.

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