NDP MP Angus Advises Harper to Meet Chief Spence

Federal NDP MP Charlie Angus has advised Prime Minister Stephen Harper to arrange a meeting with Attiwapiskat Chief Theresa Spence for the sake of ending her, almost fifteen days long, hunger strike. He alleged that this will help him demonstrate leadership, saying that “he doesn’t show that he’s an incapable prime minister by doing the right thing here. This is a humanitarian issue but it’s also a moment where we need to see leadership and we’re not seeing that.”

Angus, the MP of Timmins-James Bay riding which includes Attawakpiskat, was giving a phone interview on Wednesday, when he spoke against the concerns being raised that Harper’s meeting with Chief would be setting an example for aboriginals than sparking similar protests across the country. In fact Angus declared that Harper is setting a “terrible precedent” by refusing to meet with her. He added that “the implications are enormous.”

These comments were made by Angus only a day after Aboriginal Affairs Minister, John Duncan, publicly requested Spence to give up her hunger strike. Duncan wrote an open letter on Tuesday, offering a promise to form a working group, which will be tasked to discuss improving the relationship between First Nations and the federal government. The hunger strike of Spence began on Dec. 11, as she insisted on meeting with Harper, the governor general and First Nations leaders to discuss First Nations rights and treaties. In response to her insistence, a nationwide “Idle No More” movement began among First Nations in Canada.


  1. This just proves to show what true leadership is. You got Harper who would rather play board games with the elderly then take the time to meet with Spence, and you got Spence who would do anything in her power just to have harper her first hand in what she has to say, or literally die trying. That Stephen Harper is what you would call a puppet for the higher power that piece of shit…this rattles me so much. It’s obvious he doesn’t care for all Canadians when all he has to do is agree to a meet, in order to save one Canadian life.

  2. Chief Theresa Spence is a woman determined to gain crisis intervention support for her town which has been in a state of emergency, as declared by a Canadian Chief, and a Canadian Member of Parliament and that state of emergency is on record as declared by a Canadian Chief and a Canadian Member of Parliament a year ago in our House of Commons in Ottawa! The focus of discussion on anything else but the lack of response to a state of emergency that has been ongoing for over a year is not appropriate at all! This is what I want to hear from Chief Atleo. State oe emergency means state of emergency. We do not negotiate treaties during a state of emergency! We attend to the emergency crisis situation and THEN we dialogue about treaties! Steven Harper has been holding this Chief“s people hostage for several years, and he holds all of Canada hostage by not responding to terrorist activity. All Chief Spence`s determination, and I love that she honors the determination of others, including political prisoners in Ireland by using a protest method related to food. I love that Chief Spence is fasting, not starving, and looking to her own personal strength and health. Our human rights are very important, and treaty rights are very important. Dialogue with Queen Elizabeth II is very important. Health information and tending our environment, especially after terrorist activity is very important. If Steven Harper cannot participate in those important activities, then he should not continue as Prime Minister. Governance of Canada should pass to another leader so that all Canadians can secure their quality of life, their environment, health and rights. I hope Chief Spence meets with a different person altogether holding the comment_content_author_url of Prime Minister, and as soon as possible. And a different person altogether in the role of Governor General of Canada. Emergency relief should be active in Attawapiskat today while Chief Spence negotiates meetings with Canadian leaders. I am sending a small box of supplies on the 30th, and I am certain that other people in Canada will do the same. Even very small things make a difference when a town is in a state of emergency that has been ignored for this long. We cannot send too many crayons, too much spice, too much sugar, too many blankets or too much wool to Attawapiskat. We cannot send too much paint, too many candles, too many batteries, or too many radios to that town. It is not stupcomment_ID to send half our sugar, or half our flour, or a container of Crisco, or baking powder to that town. We cannot write too many letters to the people there. The state of emergency will remain in effect until the Chief says otherwise, and in the meantime, all Canadians that worry for conditions there can send something. We cannot send too many stamps, pens, pencils and envelopes. We cannot send too many used appliances. We cannot send to many seeds for planting, or too many seedlings. We cannot send too many toys and games. We cannot send too many stories, poems, and comment_content_IDeas about great ways to help during this state of emergency. All hail, Attawapiskat! All hail people! All hail, Chief Spence!

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