Poll Shows Canadian Have Hopes of Economic Growth in 2013

A recently conducted Ipsos Reid poll, by Postmedia News and Global Television, shows that greater part of Canadians are hopeful of country’s fiscal future in the coming year, though these feelings vary by region.

The result illustrates that overall Canadians in west are comparatively more hopeful about the country’s economy growth in 2013, as more than 77 per cent of Albertans, 76 per cent of Saskatchewanians and Manitobans and 72 per cent of British Columbians believe to have optimistic views. Moreover, two-thirds of Ontarians and Atlantic Canadians had a “good feeling” about the year ahead for the Canadian economy, along with almost half of Quebec respondents. The poll results also disclosed that overall 60 per cent Canadians are inclined to believe that Canada will not be entering a recession next year. Whereas, out of the remaining forty per cent, who are suspicious of Canada heading towards another recession, showed vitiation in every region too.  Overall the results point that West is more optimistic for economic growth in the coming year, which namely includes Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

A recently conducted poll by Ipsos Reid on consumer confidence in 24 countries showed that Canadian respondents surpassed Germans in terms of economic optimism. The vice-president of public affairs at Ipsos Reid, John Wright, observes that “on the whole, it’s a little bit like the numbers that were released on the economy.” He claims that “we grow a little bit, not a lot. It’s a steady growth and that’s just how the country has responded to it.”

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