Whistleblower Claims Montreal’s Corruption Culture ‘Needs to be wiped out’

The key person who helped revealing the cover off of years of corruption in Quebec stated that one key task is still to-do in 2013, if people of Montreal wish to have a city without a state of corruption. André Cédilot, the key whistle blower of all the corruption, claims that every elected official working for Montreal city hall shall be thrown out of office. Cédilot is an experienced crime writer credit for several major insights which have helped the Charbonneau Commission and the anti-corruption police unit.

Almost all of the officials, working for the now-resigned mayor Gérald Tremblay, are being targeted for innumerable charges but all claim to have not known the blatant corrupt taking place in shape of fixed contracts, signing off on inflated bills and overlooking fraud in return for bribes. It has been confirmed that systematic theft was took place for several years to pocket the money collected from taxpayers of Montreal and all over the province.

Just before his retirement Cédilot co-authored an authoritative book explaining the mobs in Montreal, titled Mafia Inc., along with a partner André Noël. Mr. Cédilot is still recognized for his credible work going as back as 25 years, and finds it hard to believe that any long-time councilor who still haunts city hall could have not noticed it. Mr. Cédilot alleged that “It’s become a culture that needs to be wiped out” and “we need an entirely new generation of politicians if we’re really going to change anything. In Laval, too.”

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