We Predict The Biggest Fashion News Of 2013

Okay, confession: Over the holidays, we got a little spooky. We shuffled the tarot, threw some runes, and even took a gander at a crystal ball or two. (Or we revisited the notes and stickies we had laying around the office labeled F.Y.I. or To Research. Same idea, different process.) Basically, the editors here got to predictin’ — honing in on emerging trends we’ve spotted or using our spidey senses to guess The Next Big Thing

So, whether we’re picking up on some cosmic energy or have finally achieved oneness — or just have our eyes peeled — this is what we think our world will look like in 2013. Don’t worry, when these come true, we won’t gloat…too much.



Nail Art Grows Up
We’ve had great fun the last few years gussying up our nails, but the decals, shatter polish, piercings (yes, piercings) have jumped the shark. In their place, we’re going to see more subdued and refined nail art: Subtle tips, delicate additions, or (dare we say it) nails that capture the eye simply by being a single stunning color. 

Photography by Mark Iantosca


Birkenstocks. Yes, Birkenstocks
Before you run screaming in terror, hear us out. Celine did it, Giambattista Valli did it, and CFDA-winning Elder Statesman did it…and did it well. While our shoe of 2013 might not be ‘Stocks per se, those flat, funky, wide-strapped sandals aredefinitely making a comeback. Clean, easy Americana always wins (think Cambridge Satchels or heritage bags), and while the brand might not originate from the U.S., it’s got laid-back attitude as a part of its DNA. 

Photo: MCV Photo


Wraparound Bangs 
This might not be a look for everyone, but those blunt, angled bangs with clean lines are set to replace the messy fringe. Chanel showed us how to make the look whimsical, indie songstresses taught us how to make it edgy, Melon Cat demonstrated the funny version, and our own Bethany Brillcan work it every day. We’re declaring the It-haircut of 2013 right here, right now. 

Photo: WWD/Condé Nast/Corbis


Anna Wintour, Vogue No More
This might be our most daring prediction, but just think: Ms. Wintour has been at the helm of U.S.Vogue for 22 years. Isn’t it time for a change? Andwith all of the Obama rumors swirling, now is a great time for her to, erm, diplomatically leave her post. 

Photographed by Tracy Wang


Cara Delevingne Takes The World 
She’s got the style, connections, and supermodel quality — plus, she’s one of the hardest working catwalkers around. This year, we’re going to see her (and her sis) take off out of fashion and into the mainstream, a la another model with quirk and charm: Coco Rocha. 

Photo: Courtesy of Burberry


Designer Collaborations Revisited
It’s no secret that designer collaborations are quickly losing their sheen. In order to move merchandise, big box stores are going to have to come up with better ways of selling their goods. Margiela for H&M dug into its archives, while Neiman Marcus and Target (albeit, an unsuccessful pairing) turned to curation instead of design. It’s time to think outside of the (big) box. 

Photo: Courtesy of H&M


Don’t Mock The Mock Tee
Soft necklines, be gone! The half-turtleneck has been cropping up everywhere (seen here on Rodarte), turning the once-fashion faux pas on its head. Spice Girls-era structures are definitely on our radar (and readily seen on the streets of NYC). See also: The racerback tee and the boy sweatshirt. 

Photo: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo


The Great Gatsby
Whether you’re a fan of the Baz Luhrmann interpretation or not, the director certainly has visual flair. Come this summer, the lush textures and deco patterns of ’20s East Egg are ripe for inspiration, and the film’s glamor — along with its nod to old New York — is a welcome aesthetic change after a year of goth, grunge, and Grimes. 

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Brothers


Get Involved: Global Labor
Okay, this is more of a wish than a prediction, but after the Bangladesh fires of ’12, plus watching how the fashion community can rally around a cause like Obama, we think it’s time the heavies threw their weight behind repealing labor laws. Hat tip to organizations like Global Labour Rights and Not For Sale for keeping this issue front and center. 

Photo: Courtesy of Global Labour Rights


Rap and Fashion’s New Love Affair 
Once upon a time, indie rockers were the creative muses for fashion bigwigs to stretch outside their mediums. While rap has always been fascinated with style — Tommy, Polo, Nautica, Timberland always have gotten shout-outs — alternative rap acts will prove to be instrumental to fashion experimentation. With gender-bending, super powerful ladies, and Kanye in a skirt, it will be rap, not indie, pop, or electronic music, that will push fashion forward. 

Photo: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com

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