Cape Breton Family Charged for Flight Rules Violation

A family from Cape Breton had to cut short their vacation plans after they were accused of ill-behavior during a flight which landed them in trouble. The residents of Mabou, N.S., have argued that Canadians shall not rush to judgment too soon. The family was on its way from Sunwing to the Dominican Republic on last Friday night, when they allegedly confronted passengers and crew of the flight, which forced them out on an unscheduled stopover in Bermuda.

Three family members, out of the total four, were charged and appeared in a Bermuda court, where it was revealed by the prosecutor that flight crew members and family members had an argument for attempting to use the bathroom while the sign of seatbelt was still on after takeoff. Additionally, the crew suspected that a member of the family smoked later in the flight as well.  54-years-old David McNeil pleaded guilty to the charge of behaving in a disorderly manner, 52-years-old Darlene McNeil pleaded guilty to disobeying lawful commands of a flight crew, and their 22-year-old son David Jr. pleaded not guilty to smoking on a plane. It is learned that the Mr. and Mrs. McNeils reportedly each paid a $500 fine. Report confirms that a 16-year-old boy, the couple’s younger son, was also onboard but not charged during the incident.

A member of Mabou community, Phyllis MacDonald, asserted that “It’s very surprising. I listened intently when I heard ‘Mabou.'” He added that “I would just like to ask people not to judge the whole community and surrounding communities. It is one incident and it is one group of people, who I’m sure regret their actions very much.”

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  1. So far, for days we have heard the accusations and the bermuda court decision, but not a word of defence from the accused. I am willing to bet that the accusors dcomment_ID not tell the whole story. I want to hear the other scomment_IDe before forming an opinion on this. There is no doubt that they made some bad mistakes but they may not be as serious as we are told. Many of the comments on this story assume that they are guilty on all counts but ask yourself, why would normal people suddenly turn into beligerant comment_content_IDiots? Something set them off. We need to know more to form a fair opinion. I hope we hear from the Mcneils soon.

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