Erin O’Toole criticizes Justin Trudeau for dropping the ball on promises he made to Canadians

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Liberals have failed to provide tools to fight COVID-19 without lockdowns.

Provincial and territorial governments have been working to prevent the spread of the highly contagious Omicron COVID-19 variant.

Parents, small business owners and everyday Canadians are once again being asked to put a halt to their lives, sacrifice their personal liberties and impose more anxiety and uncertainty on their children in order to protect our public health-care system and our fellow citizens.

Canadians are tired after two years of upheaval, economic strain and mental health pressures. At the beginning of the crisis we were told it would take two weeks to “flatten the curve� but two weeks have transformed into two years of rolling lockdowns and restrictions. Canadians deserve better.

Almost two years after the pandemic began, the Trudeau Liberals have failed to deliver on key tools that were promised like rapid tests and PPE, that would allow the country to find the right balance to manage the fourth wave of the pandemic. Even though we now have incredible tools like vaccines, and despite the fact that Canadians have stepped up to get vaccinated at levels far greater than most countries, it seems like we are almost back to square one when it comes to managing COVID.

To put it bluntly, our country desperately needs federal leadership on COVID so that we can keep our schools, businesses and society open.

Leadership is about delivering on what you promise. And Justin Trudeau has failed

We still don’t have national self-sufficiency in PPE.  In fact, recent PPE orders by the Trudeau government have been sourced from China and not from some of the dozens of Canadian PPE companies that stepped up to help two years ago. 

Canada was one of the last G20 countries to approve rapid diagnostic testing tools and has only recently started ordering them in the massive numbers needed. Before Christmas, getting a rapid test for your family was like competing in the hunger games.  

Other countries have been distributing tests to their citizens for 18 months and tests can be found at almost all pharmacies.

The federal government also dropped the ball on ICU beds and surge capacity resources for our hospitals. Sole source federal contracts to SNC-Lavalin for field hospital beds is not a substitute for large and multi-year increases to health-care funding to help provinces build up this specific capacity or to ramp it up directly through expanding the Canadian Armed Forces capacity particularly with personnel.

Trudeau also called a federal election in the middle of the pandemic despite being asked not to by all opposition parties.  

His government has suggested that calls to close the border are racist and during the election Trudeau suggested that people who were not vaccinated (regardless of the reason why) were also racist or misogynists. Name calling and division from the prime minister, rather than a serious plan to address hesitancy and also work with employers on some reasonable accommodations for the unvaccinated.

Accommodations that many labour tribunals and experts have confirmed in recent months are both legally and morally required.

Canada’s Conservatives want to see an end to lockdowns, restrictions to your liberty and the ongoing impact on the mental wellness of our society.  This is why I have been calling for federal leadership on PPE, rapid testing, more health-care resources and mental health supports for well over a year.  Canadians deserve a federal government that actually delivers and can give the provinces, communities, schools and workplaces the tools they need to manage COVID-19. Conservatives will ensure that Canada that is self-sufficient, prepared and on the path back to a balanced life.


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