Ontario-Based Crossroads Denies Anti-Gay Allegations

A Canadian Christian communications group which conducts taxpayer-funded development work in Uganda has discarded all allegations claiming that the firm has anti-gay sentiments. The east African nation is openly-condemned on its views on homosexuality and anti-gay sentiments. The Burlington, Ont.-based Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. performs humanitarian work in northern Uganda, which includes building drinking water wells, latrines, and training locals to make sure its projects are sustainable.

The group recently accepted an almost half a million dollars from Canadian International Development Agency to support a project in Uganda. It was reported by the Canadian Press on Monday that a link on the Crossroads website, which has now been removed, listed homosexuality as a perversion and a sin. Whereas on the other hand, Canada has always kept an overly strong policy against Uganda for allowing the virulent homophobia to exist there. There have been rumors that Uganda is even considering to pass a bill which will enlist death penalty for homosexuals.

An official statement released by the Crossroads alleged that there is no connection between the group’s religious views on homosexuality and the Ugandan government’s proposed legislation. The statement mentioned that “Crossroads is not anti-gay. At the heart of the Crossroads organization is a desire to love people unconditionally and to serve them selflessly.” It also said that “Crossroads believes that God, as the Creator of the human race, outlines in the Bible ways for us to live in order to experience the most fulfilling life possible, and that God’s blueprint encourages sexuality within a marriage.”

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