Quebec’s Private Daycare Centers Observe One-Day Strike

Workers of an estimated 300 private and non-subsidized daycare centers in Quebec are conducting a one-day strike today to record their protest against the government’s recent allocation of 28,000 new daycare spaces. It was asserted by The Coalition for Private Non-subsidized Daycares that it has almost 10,000 empty spots that are currently obtainable, which it suggested, the government shall use to convert into subsidized spots rather than spending millions for constructing completely new publicly-run daycares.

A spokesperson for the Coalition for Private Non-subsidized Daycares, Jennifer Park, stated that “we’re all in agreement that there is a lack of $7-a-day daycare,” but she added that we unanimously agree that the money will be better spent on existing daycares. She mentioned during an interview on Tuesday, that “converting the private daycares that are in existence now would save the economy $260 million.” Park alleged to have been attempting to negotiate with the provincial government from over a year in hope to try and find a solution.

The PQ previously made an announcement in February declaring that it will be implementing the plans of adding 15,000 new spaces, in addition to 13,000 already allocated but not created by the former Charest government, which will bring the provincial total of day-care centers to 250,000 by 2016. The spokesperson for the Quebec’s family minister, Bruno-Pierre Cyr, alleged that “we are responding to the needs and expectations of Quebec parents.” Cyr distinctly added that the “the dialogue remains open.”

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