RCMP Asks for More Info of Allegations of Aboriginals’ Abuse in B.C.

Addressing a recently published report consisting of allegations of sex assault against the RCMP in British Columbia’s indigenous communities, the RCMP has officially responded saying that it is “impossible” to attend to these accusations unless any of the victims are identified.

A report published by Human Rights Watch on Wednesday on its recently conducted investigation into the so-called “Highway of Tears,” i.e. a highway in British Columbia that stretches over 800-kilometres, where a series of unanswered murders and disappearances of women have occurred over the past. The investigation, titled as ‘Those Who Take Us Away,’ revealed that while the RCMP has completely failed to ably solve any of the missing and murdered indigenous women cases, there have also been innumerable upsetting allegations of rape and sexual assault against its officers as well. In a response to these severe allegations against RCMP, the RCMP Chief Superintendent, Janice Armstrong, released an official press statement on Tuesday, announcing that the Human Rights Watch will have to actually bring the allegations to the police for initiating an investigation.

The statement mentioned that “in a written response to a series of questions posed by Human Rights Watch in fall 2012, the RCMP emphasized the seriousness of allegations of police misconduct and that these allegations must be brought forward for proper investigation.” The statement further alleged that “it is impossible to deal with such public and serious complaints when we have no method to determine who the victims or the accused are.”

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