Expert Panel Requests Forces to Consider Extended-life of CF-18

At a previous meeting almost a month ago, the Independent Review Panel convened for providing an overview of the analysis being carried out for the government’s next fighter jet purchase, has requested that while it is evaluating all possible future options for the military, it also wants to consider the option of enhancing the average life of the CF-18s.

The overview of the meeting held on January 10 was recently posted online, which illustrated that the panel, that was formed for four independent reviewers assembled as part of the government’s seven-point plan to reset the fighter jet procurement, has reviewed that the rating system developed by the military for measuring the performance of each jet under evaluation for being replaced in Canada’s ageing fleet of CF-18s. According to the summary posted online, the rating system would be “applied to measures of performance and measures of effectiveness” for each plane, and after that, “an overall capability rating would be developed for each fighter aircraft to respond to the mission scenarios outlined in the Canada First Defence Strategy.”

In addition to that, the panel also requested the representatives of the Air Force and the Department of National Defence to try and consider an extended-life CF-18’s capabilities as well, claiming that it will be “included as an option when assessing fighter aircraft against each mission” in order to measure how it might perform under the same criteria. The Air Force and National Defence responded that they will report back with “draft results” of the capability assessment at a future meeting.

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