Mayor Ford Affirms to Decline Extravagant City Hall Bike Station Proposal

Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford has expressed his intention to try and prevent the construction of a proposed bike station with showers under City Hall. Mayor Rob Ford was inquired about the proposed station by reporters on Tuesday, when he mentioned that “I’m going to try to kill it at council, but that’s a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.”

The bike station worth $1.2 million was approved by the government management committee on Monday and is scheduled to arrive for approval at council next month. The plan includes four showers. In case it is constructed, the station will likely be one of the biggest in North America, as it is planned to accommodate 380 bikes. Chicago’s Millennium Park bike station, often called the McDonald’s Cycle Center, has the capacity of 300 indoor secure spaces and was the largest in the country when it opened in 2006. The station is proposed to be located in the Toronto Parking Authority garage below City Hall. At capacity, the spaces would generate $70,000 annually in parking revenue.

Councillor and Mayor’s brother, Doug Ford, gave similar remarks regarding the project on Monday. Doug Ford alleged on Monday, that “we’re taking away parking space down here at City Hall that is creating $70,000 worth of revenue, and — ready for this, folks? — they’re putting in showers for the bike riders to come down here, to a tune of $1.2 million.” He added that “that’s the gravy train. That is reckless spending — to put showers here at City Hall at $1.2 million. It’s disgusting.”

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