NDP Policy Convention to Review Several Issues Incl. Prostitution Laws

Several of the most interesting and crucial votes will take place this weekend at the party’s policy convention, including highly controversial issues of legalizing prostitution and removing references to socialism from the NDP constitution. Even though hundreds of policies were anticipated by numerous riding associations from all over the country, only few have been selected to be discussed at the convention floor due to shortage of time.

For the first time today, it has been decided to make the order public and several extremely controversial proposals were not chosen to be voted upon. Among those not likely to be discussed this weekend are the issues of legalizing marijuana, or the Halifax proposal to sanction Israel for West Bank settlements. However, one topic that will assuredly be discussed at the floor will be the cancellation of Canada’s prostitution laws. Halifax MP, Megan Leslie, alleged that she intends to speak in favour of that motion when it arises. Additionally, the debate on Sunday will also involve issues related to removing references to “socialism” in the preamble to the party’s constitution. The preamble would instead cite “social democratic principles.”

Several of the policy proposals chosen for debate thoroughly reflect the existing NDP policies or involve criticizing the Conservative government over issues like environmental protection, First Nations rights and affordable housing. Among the issues to be debated, will be the injection proportional representation into Canada’s political system. Another motion likely to be debated would lower the threshold for governments to intervene in foreign purchases of Canadian companies.

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