Bankruptcy Protection Granted to Call Centre Working for The Conservative’s

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The primary fundraising partner and voter contact firm of the Conservative party, iMarketing Solutions Group (iMSGI), made an announcement on late Friday revealing that it has been granted bankruptcy protection to allow it to restructure. The company, formerly known as Responsive Marketing Group (RMG), recently laid off workers from call centers all over the country at the beginning of the month. Previously the firm had announced in November that it has decided to delist from the Toronto Stock Exchange, after which in December, it declared to have managed to acquire a $3.5-million loan in lieu of the reported $3.9-million loss in the quarter ending Sept. 30, 2012.

iMarketing Solutions group was formed born in 2010 through a merger between RMG, which had a vast experience in mostly political work, and Xentel, a Canadian-based company that worked in telemarketing and charity fundraising in the United States. In an official press release on late Friday afternoon, iMarketing mentioned that it “intends to continue to operate in the normal course.” On the other hand, a spokesperson for the Conservative Party of Canada, Fred DeLorey, alleged on that “the company’s work for the party will continue as usual,” and “it remains business as usual with RMG – the Party’s fundraising continues.”

Meanwhile, the company will be run by MorrisAnderson’s Upkar Arora. Arora’s biography on MorrisAnderson’s website states that for eight years Arora “has taken on direct principal roles actually acquiring mid-size companies in distress and then refinancing, repositioning, and selling these companies while assuming an active ongoing management role as CEO, COO or President.”

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